What's New (past 30 days)

Its mid year and things sure have been busy. We have had some unexpected turn of events in the past few weeks. One of the key people in our group has finally gotten a male Morrison descendent to take the YDNA test and was she as well as the rest of our Morrison-H2 group shocked to find out that she along with several in our Google group were in fact not Morrison-H2 but Morrison-Q. This has put a real damper on our group. Luan was not only one of our best researchers but very knowledgeable on DNA. The Morrison-Q folks have really been supportive of our efforts as we gain our footing so our loss becomes a tremendous gain for the Morrison-Q folks.

Our gathering in Nashville is still scheduled for September so if you would like to participate please leave me an email

Our public tree on Ancestry has been taken down to sort out the Morrison-Q folks from the Morrison-H2. We apologize for the inconvenience and will try to have it back up as soon as possible. 

We are still progressing on locating members of our extended Morrison family so if you think you may be a distant relative send me an email and let's work together to find out.

If you would like to make a donation to our research fund you can do so by sending a check made out to:

Morrison-H2 Family
% Ronald Bridges
1871 Cherry Tree Road
Gurley, AL 35748

These funds will be used to purchase YDNA kits for male Morrison's, order copies of documents from various State Archives, Genealogical Societies and Libraries. As a note; we have purchased three kits of which one was the kit that determined part of our members were actually Morrison-Q. If you think you might be descended from one of Patrick's son or a brother of Patrick please contact me and we will see about getting you tested.