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Do You Know Who This James Morrison Was?

According to one family tradition a Patrick Morrison, his brother James Morrison and a cousin George came to America. Patrick and his descendants are now known. However, James and cousin George are still mysteries. We now know through YDNA there are descendants that match with Patrick's descendants. The general thought is since there are two groups of DNA related descendants in two parts of the country (Arkansas/California and West Virginia) they possibly are from two sons of this James. This James would probably have a birth of 1725 - 1730 in Scotland. He would have lived in southwest Virginia in the area of Albemarle, Amherst, Pittsylvania, Halifax or Bedford counties. Some of his descendants eventually migrated to the Cabell, Wayne counties of West Virginia or northeast Tennessee to the Hawkins, Sullivan, Washington, and Greene counties. From here they possibly migrated westward stopping in Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma and California.

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